A Haven of Rest and Peace

My attitude as a wife and mummy has a powerful effect on the atmosphere of my home.
If only I could have understood that sooner.

I value being a homemaker; I value it as much as I would a highly paid job in the work place – more so, even. For me, to create an oasis for my hubby and our kids is an intricate part of who I’m meant to be. You see, I don’t just live life in my home, I want my home to give life to all who enter it. I desire my home to be a haven of rest and peace.

During the day … full of laughter, worship, freshly cut flowers and smell of great cooking (still working on that last one!). At night … deep, fruitful conversation, good wine, food and friendship, rest and relaxation.

A place in which our kids will adore growing up, full of friendship, healing and joy … a safe place for anyone who crosses the threshold.

I was inspired by an excellent blog I read (www.passionatehomemaking.com ) to write a mission statement for my home. This proved to be slightly more complex than I ever thought. You see, I am not one to do something by half, not if it means the world to me, and this does. I’ve never written a mission statement before; that’s something my hubby does, not me, let alone for my home and how I am as a wife and mum.

It’s something that initially overwhelms me, entices and tempts the perfectionist in me … makes me feel I may leave something of great importance out and misrepresent myself. I guess that is why I nearly didn’t start this blog.

I read in a favourite book of mine that “without vision people perish,” so I guess I look at a mission statement as kind of a vision for my life as a homemaker. I’ve started it. It’s a work in progress but it gives me great joy to think it can help me on those days I feel lethargic, sleepy … questioning the “point of it all” even.

It’ll hold me accountable to why I am a wife and mother, why I decided to lay down my career, to move to a far away nation. It’ll remind me of my correct decision to follow a new path that led me to who I am today; the daily pursuit of being a virtuous woman.

I love virtuous women, free women … women free from what the world is trying to encase around them. Able to choose their path in life; able to choose their responses and not be ruled by their emotions. That is what kind of a woman I every day wake up desiring to be: a virtuous woman.

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